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Urgent Product Notice


Please note that this information supersedes what is stated in the product manual.


We are currently shipping all kits and completes with firmware V35 or later installed.

For safety and certain local regulations, all kits are initially capped at 20 km/h (12 mph).

To unlock full speed and all features, please download the RideUnlimited app on your iPhone or Android, register your product, and select the “Unlock top speed” option. This will allow speeds up to 42 km/h (26 mph) on a Race setup or 37 km/h (23 mph) on a Cruiser or Solo. You can also manually set a speed limit. The app also allows you to customize your throttle experience and manually adjust each of the ride settings.


Included with every kit and complete are a pair of our new "Moose Clip" cable clips. These new clips offer easier use and installation and also provide a more secure hold for the cable connection between your motor wheel and your motor controller, while also looking like a cool moose.

The cable clips come in two versions to allow for mounting the motor on either side of your truck.

  • On Solo setups, the clip should be oriented with the cable channel closer to the battery (further from the tail on a rear-wheel drive setup). Choose the appropriate clip to suit the side of your board your motor is installed.
  • On Cruiser and Race setups, the clip(s) should be oriented with the cable channel further from the battery (closer to the tail on a rear-wheel drive setup).

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