Unlimited Mode: E-Skate Push Assist

Unlimited Mode: E-Skate Push Assist

Unlimited Mode: E-Skate Push Assist

We're proud to introduce the brand-new Unlimited Mode: E-Skate Push Assist! Now you can experience the extended range of electric skateboarding while retaining the active vibe of analog riding.

Firmware Update

  • Open the RideUnlimited app (download now on iPhone or Android), select your board, and check for upgrades.
  • Unlimited Mode is available in core firmware v38 and remote firmware v15 (or later).
  • If you haven't already installed these upgrades, please do so now.

How to Operate

  • To enable Unlimited Mode, use your remote control to navigate to Settings > Extras > Unlimited Mode and press A to confirm.
  • If at any time you'd like to disable Unlimited Mode, repeat the previous steps to turn it off in the remote menu.
  • Set your speed by pushing or pumping. As soon as you reach a steady speed, Unlimited Mode helps maintain that speed by sending subtle throttle inputs to the motors.
  • Unlimited Mode operates up to a maximum speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) in Eco or Pro Mode and up to 10 mph (16 km/h) in Easy Mode.
  • Unlimited Mode acts like cruise control with a natural feeling decay. It's like a middle ground between fully powered electric riding and pushing and coasting on a normal skateboard.
  • When you're ready to slow down, footbrake firmly and hold the footbrake until you feel the board begin to decelerate. Unlimited Mode is designed to help maintain your speed while riding but recognizes more acute braking inputs from footbraking to let you to slow down safely and smoothly.
  • Your remote control retains full functionality as a backup. Be sure to keep it handy for emergency situations.

Riding Tips

  • If you footbrake or brake with the remote and reduce your speed to within the functional range of Unlimited Mode, it will continue to operate after you stop braking.
  • If you want to stop entirely, be sure to brake long enough to come to a complete stop.
  • To ensure a smooth and natural-feeling ride experience, Unlimited Mode sends throttle inputs to only one motor at a time. On Race setups, only one motor will provide Unlimited Mode.
  • You'll notice that Unlimited Mode is more noticeable when carving hard in one direction versus the other (based on which side of your board the active motor is mounted). You can use this to your advantage and get creative with your carving and pumping technique to keep your speed up.
  • When riding over slippery surfaces, use the same caution as you would when operating a fully electric skateboard.

That covers everything for Unlimited Mode! If you have any questions, contact Unlimited support.